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I Think a Loaf of Bread Would Make a Good Love Story


So I woke up for a midnight snack and decided, “What could be better than a good old sandwich right now?” I found the open loaf of bread on the kitchen dark black kitchen counter, and inside the bag, only the ends were left. You know, like the pieces no one wants? *cough cough* It’s like in the end they finally get together and meet another piece of bread that can relate, and boom,  happily ever after, but sadly life aint that easy. These bitches were stale and crusty rejects. That shit makes a good love story, but not a good sandwich. smhh.

shit this is deep

Beyond the Boundary needs to fuck off haha omg

this is the stupidest show i’ve ever watched and i kinda like it

they just broke into a music video… to kill a monster

fucking what?!? how high were these guys hahah

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